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Brand to Your KW App

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With the new KW App, there are two ways to go about branding to yourself. One way is navigating to your KW App URL on your computer, laptop, or tablet, going through the process of downloading the app to your mobile device, and either logging into an account you've created or creating a new one. After you are logged in, your agent branding would appear immediately after. The other way is using the agent search function of the KW App to find yourself and then brand to yourself as a consumer.

To brand to your KW App using the agent search:

1. Open the KW App on your mobile device.

2. Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to log in or sign up for an account. You must be logged in to the app in order to be able to brand to an agent. Choose one of the two options:

  • Create an account if you are new to the app



  • Login to the app if you have already created an account



3. Once you are logged in, tap the More tab on the bottom right hand corner, tap Find an Agent, then search for your name, and select yourself from the search results.


4. Once you've reached your mobile app profile, tap Get In Touch, then tap Confirm, and a pop-up message confirming your agent branding will appear.


Now that your KW App is branded to you, you can begin sharing your app.

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