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Best Practices with Twilio

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Warning! The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which includes the National Do Not Call Registry, imposes strict limits on how real estate agents make calls, send text messages and/or leave voicemails. The law requires that you check all Do Not Call registries before calling or texting, and honor requests to be placed on all Do Not Call lists. The law also may require callers to meet certain consent requirements before making a call or sending a text message using an autodialer, or using or a prerecorded/artificial voice. Agents must follow this law or face stiff penalties and/or potentially catastrophic legal damages for violations. Contact your attorney to determine if your practices conform to the TCPA.



You should exercise best practices for contacts/lead collection and maintenance. You can store phone number information in Command, even for contacts who have not consented to or signed up to receive text messages from you. However, sending messages to contacts that have not consented to receive marketing content from you increases the risk of being involved in abuse complaints and compliance issues.


Opt Out/Opt In

Twilio integration with Command offers the ability for recipients to send a text with the industry-standard KEYWORDS to Opt Out (Unsubscribe) / Opt In (Resubscribe). One credit will be charged for the Opt Out and Opt In KEYWORDS Incoming Messages. The first time you send a text to a phone number, Command sends the following text to communicate the option recipients have to stop receiving messages: "Prefer a phone call or email? Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Msg&Data Rates May Apply." No credits are discounted from your account for this message.


Daily Unique Recipient Limit

When using Twilio in Command, be sure to keep in mind how many unique recipients you are texting through out the day. The recommended daily unique recipient limit is 200. This is a suggestion that is highly recommended by KW and Twilio. If you hit that limit, you run the risk of future messages being filtered out by the recipients phone carrier, and the number being blocked by the phone carrier. Neither KW nor Twilio have control of messages being filtered or a phone provider blocking your Twilio number.


Text Contacts in Command

In Command, you are able to text contacts using Twilio in two different ways:

  • Contacts - You can navigate to the contact(s) within the Contacts applet and sending a text message to the recipient(s) individually or multiple recipients at once.
  • SmartPlans - You can also send automated text messages to contacts through the SmartPlans applet. Without having Twilio set up in Command, any text steps you set up in a SmartPlan will trigger the following message to be written on the timeline of the contact, "A text message from (app name) was not sent. You need an active Twilio subscription."


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