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Attach a One-off Compliance Document to an Opportunity - Knowledgebase / Command / Opportunities / Compliance - Your KWGAP Support Team

Attach a One-off Compliance Document to an Opportunity

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We are now utilizing Opportunities in Command to manage and submit compliance documents for your transactions. Your Market Center leadership has already created the compliance document checklists for you utilize in  your Opportunities. These are lists of documents that need to be added and submitted to your Market Center for approval, once they are signed and completed.

That being said, you might come across a situation where you need to submit a compliance document that is not in your normal workflow. Command gives you the ability to add these one-off documents to an Opportunity, where they will be included in the checklist you are going to submit.

To learn how to attach a one-off compliance document (not included in the existing checklist) to an Opportunity, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the Opportunities icon, , on the left sidebar.

3. From the Opportunities Dashboard, click on the phase, where your Opportunity is located, then click on the Opportunity Title.

4. Click Documents, at the top of the page.

5. Next, choose the compliance event (Listed, Under Contract, Closed, etc.) you need to add the one-off compliance document to.

6. At the top of the checklist, click + Add Item.

7. Complete the Add Item form, then click Add when ready:

  • Give it a Document Name
  • Select a Document Type from the drop-down
  • Add a Note to give your MCA or Compliance Coordinator context around this one-off document
  • Add the Document


Your document will appear in the checklist, which you can submit to your Market Center when you have added all of the required documents.

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