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Agent Offboarding Checklist for MC Leadership - Knowledgebase / Command / Help and Support - Your KWGAP Support Team

Agent Offboarding Checklist for MC Leadership

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There are several things to consider and plan for when an agent leaves KW or transfers to another Market Center. The MCA and the agent have tasks that need to be completed before the agent leaves. This will ensure that all transfer of Opportunities and data is completed seamlessly. The agent should work with their MCA to make sure that all of the following steps are completed. 



Agent Responsibilities

  1. Read Agent Offboarding Timeline article for important timing information and best practices.
  2. Set your Separation date with enough time to complete all items in the checklist.
  3. Download your CRM
    1. Export Contacts and Leads
    2. Sync Your Contacts to Command Using PieSync
  4. Create Transaction in DocuSign or DotLoop  for any opportunities that have not yet or won’t close before the separation date.
    1. Manage your Opportunities
  5. Work with TL and RM to export any contacts that will go with the agent and to get opportunities assigned to a new agent.
  6. Transfer all important documents and emails stored in the Google Drive and Gmail accounts that are tied to their email address - The agent should utilize Google Takeout
  7. Work with MCA to determine how the exiting agent will communicate with the MCA and Market Center regarding ongoing transactions.
  8. Work with MCA to determine how the listings and Opportunities that belong to the Brokerage will be managed and transferred prior to the agent leaving. The following articles will walk you through your options: 
    1. Create an Opportunity
    2. Add a Listing to an Opportunity
    3. Transfer a listing to another agent in the KWLS
    4. Mark an Opportunity as Lost or Archive an Opportunity
  9. If their DocuSign account uses their email address, go in and change the email address to another account that they have access to and can use to complete the transactions.
    1. Change your DocuSign Email address
  10. It is recommended that they download all of their marketing designs from Designs. If the agent is deactivated before this happens, the agent will not be able to access Command afterwards to do so.
    1. Save, Download, and Share Your Marketing Designs
  11. Update all 3rd party accounts like DotLoop, PieSync, Facebook, etc to utilize a non email if they were initially set up with an email address. Agents will also need to set up and pay for individual membership accounts to these products when they separate from KW if they were using the versions provided by KW.
  12. Disable all 3rd party connections in Command such as Twilio, PieSync, DotLoop, etc
    1. Cancel your Twilio Subscription
  13. Deactivate all active landing pages.
    1. Deactivate a Landing Page
  14. Remove all contacts from all active SmartPlans.
    1. Remove or Unsubscribe Contacts from a SmartPlan
  15. Leave all KW Facebook Groups which are restricted to KW agents and employees.

MCA Responsibilities

  1. Confirm separation date and ensure agent is aware of upcoming deadlines and limitations- i.e They will lose access to their KW email and G-Suite folders once they are marked as inactive.
  2. Ensure the agent has created transactions in Command and has shared those with either the TL, RM, the MCA or the designated person who will be working the opportunity through completion.
  3. Work with TL/RM to ensure that all contact and SOI information that belongs to the agent is either transferred back to the agent or is exported and the export document is provided to the agent. 
  4. Set up communication plan with the agent and their team if applicable to complete and close out any remaining opportunities and transactions.
    1. Create a Team Opportunity
    2. Add Assignee to a Team Opportunity
  5. Determine how any Compliance documents for an open Opportunity will be submitted to the Market Center and Compliance Coordinator for processing.
    1. Submit Compliance Documents to your Market Center for Approval
    2. Create and Manage Custom Folders for Opportunities
  6. If the exiting agent has joined a dependent model PC (Productivity Coaching) program in the Market Center, the MCA, Productivity Coach or TL will want to confirm that the agent no longer has access to and did not download (previously or currently) any consumer information owned by the Market Center.
  7. Enter an end date in WinMORE for the agent. This will be needed for agents transferring to another MC and for agents leaving KW.
    1. Associate Entry- Adding or Transferring an Existing Associate
    2. Deactivating and Associate leaving the Market Center
  8. Gather a list of the Facebook Groups the agent is a part of and have the agent leave the groups. Send a message to the Admins of those FB Groups alerting them that an agent has left KW so that they can be removed from any Facebook Groups if the agent does not leave the group. 

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