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Add Documents to a DocuSign Room

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Use the resources below to learn how to add documents to a DocuSign Room:

1. In the Opportunity, access the DocuSign Room that you will be adding the documents to.
   Click here to learn how to access the DocuSign Room for an Opportunity.


2. Click the Add button and select DocuSign forms from the drop-down.


3. Enter your NRDS ID, select your MLS from the drop-down, and click Save. You will only have to do this once then DocuSign will save this information going forward.


4. Once the pop-up appears, use the first drop-down to select whether you want to pull the document from a form library or form group.

  • Form Library - Form libraries are set up by MLS and will contain every form that the MLS has given access to
  • Form Group -  Form groups are set up by your market center and will be organized based on the type of transaction.


5. Use the second drop-down to select the group you want to pull documents from.


6. Select the desired documents by clicking them one by one or by clicking Select All. After the documents have been selected, click Add.


7. The documents will then be available in that Room in DocuSign.

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