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Add a SmartPlan from the SmartPlans Library

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SmartPlans is the applet we use to automate your listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, and drip campaigns. Before you can start utilizing a SmartPlan, you must go to the SmartPlans library and add it to your My SmartPlans list. Once it is in your My SmartPlans list, you can start adding contacts and get it started. 

Not only can you utilize KWRI created SmartPlans, but all KW associates have the ability to publish their own SmartPlans, and you can utilize any of these.

Because agents can publish SmartPlans, the SmartPlans library got a big update, with many more SmartPlans to choose from, and new sorting, searching and filter options. Find the SmartPlan you are looking for and you can add it your own SmartPlans list.



When you add a SmartPlan, you are basically adding a copy of the SmartPlan to your My SmartPlans list. If the publishing agent makes any changes or deletes the SmartPlan on their end, it will not affect the version of the SmartPlan that you are using.


To add a SmartPlan to your My SmartPlans list:



1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the SmartPlans icon, on the left side of the home page.

3. Click Library, at the top of the page.


Find a SmartPlan

 Use the Search to find specific SmartPlans. Users can search by the name of the SmartPlan, the author of the SmartPlan, and by description as well.

  Click Filters to open the filters drawer. You are able to filter the library by SmartPlan type, duration, author, number of touches, number of downloads, or by rating.

 Use the View Category drop-down to sort the library by most used, top rated, newest, and also featured.

 The SmartPlans Library is broken up into several categories:

  • Featured - these are SmartPlans that Keller Williams have selected to highlight. Users will find Keller Williams and agent-created SmartPlans in this category.
  • Keller Williams - these are SmartPlans that Keller Williams has authored, like the Quarterly Call and Monthly Neighborhood Nurture SmartPlans. If you click this category title, it will filter the library by author to only show Keller Williams SmartPlans.
  • Top Rated - these are the SmartPlans that have the best rating compared to the number of reviews. Clicking this category title will sort the library by rating.
    • If a SmartPlan has 5 stars, but only one review, it won't be featured as predominantly as a SmartPlan with 4 stars and ten ratings.
  • Most Recent - these are the newest SmartPlans that have been published. If you click this category title, it will sort the library by published date.

 The SmartPlan card includes a few details that might help you determine if this is the right SmartPlan for your business:

  • SmartPlan Title
  • SmartPlan Description - this is the description the author added when publishing the SmartPlan. It should give you a good idea of what the purpose of the SmartPlan is.
  • Published Date - this will show you when the SmartPlan was published, and this date will update if the author publishes any content edits. Some SmartPlans are timeless, like the Quarterly Call SmartPlan, but if a SmartPlan includes texts or emails, you might check to see if the content is still relevant.
  • Number of Downloads - this will show you how many other associates have added this SmartPlan to their My SmartPlans list. 
  • Rating - this will show you the rating of the SmartPlan, using a 5 star system. It will also show you the number of associates who have rated the SmartPlan. Don't just look at the rating, but also at the number of ratings, to get a better idea of what people think.
  • Steps, Duration, and Touches - this will give you a quick glance of the workflow. How many steps are included, how long will the SmartPlan run, and how many touches, or communication steps, are included. See #6 to find out how to see these in more detail.
  • Author - this will show you who actually published the SmartPlan.

 Click View Steps to open a pop-up that will show each step in more detail. It will show what type of steps are included (email, delay, text, etc.), and if you hover a task or automatic email/text, you will be able to see the content of that step.



If the SmartPlan includes SMS/MMS steps, keep in mind that you must have a Twilio account set up in Command for these to work. If you do not have a Twilio account set up, these SMS/MMS steps will be skipped.



Add a SmartPlan

1. Once you find the SmartPlan you want to add to your My SmartPlans list, click Add SmartPlan, at the bottom right of the SmartPlan card.

2. If there this SmartPlan includes multiple linked SmartPlans, you will need to download each separately. Click Download on each SmartPlan in the list, if you already have one of the linked SmartPlans, it will say Success.

3. Once you have downloaded all of the linked SmartPlans, click Download, at the bottom right of the pop-up.


Now the entire bundle of SmartPlans will appear in your My SmartPlans list, where you can add contacts.


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