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Add a Local Insight Using Kelle

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Keller Williams has diverted technology resources away from the Kelle App to focus on improving Command, including a tool that will replace this App. While you can still use the Kelle App, this means Kelle App issues will no longer be supported.


1. Log in to Kelle with your Keller Williams credentials

2. Tell Kelle to "Add a New Insight," then choose the type of insight you want to add: Place or Area. 





When choosing an "Insight Type", choose Place to give insight into a specific location, exactly where the map pin is placed. Choosing Area will put a radius around the map pin to show that the Insight is referring to a large area.

If the insight you were going to add already exists, rather than add a duplicate, enhance the existing insight with your vote and/or comment. Click here to learn how





3.  Drag the pin to the correct location. The pin will automatically appear at your current location. To move it, press down and drag the pin at the same time.  



4. Choose at least one category from the drop-down list. Categories are important because these  will create tags that will help consumers find specific insights they want to see in the soon-to-be released consumer app.
5. Add a Title and Description.  


5. Add at least one of your own photos, and tap Save at the top right of the screen when finished.

Photo Tips: 

•  Posting a few good quality photos is highly recommended. People are more attracted to posts with photos, and they will be more likely to view your insight if it contains photos.

• Post your own review and photos, rather than use photos and reviews from other sites such as Yelp. People are more interested in your hyper-local information.    

• Give your phone lens a quick wipe down to capture the best image.

• Use focus and consider the background lighting.

• Skip the zoom because it can make your photo look grainy and lose some of the detail that makes it look great.

• Take your photos in portrait mode, rather than landscape to best showcase your insights on a mobile device.  

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