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Add a Contact with Kelle

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Keller Williams has diverted technology resources away from the Kelle App to focus on improving Command, including a tool that will replace this App. While you can still use the Kelle App, this means Kelle App issues will no longer be supported.


You can easily add a contact while you are on-the-go with Kelle. After you do this, your new contact is instantly added to Contacts in Command because Kelle is part of the Keller Cloud.     

1. Log in to Kelle with your Keller Williams credentials.

2. Tell Kelle "Add Contact" and then tap Enter Contact Details.



To add a contact, you will need at least a name and either an email address or phone number.




3. Complete the "Add New Contact" fields, and then tap Save. Information you do not have when you initially add the contact can be added later.



4. Kelle will confirm your contact was successfully added. If you tap Enter Contact Details, you will return to the "Add New Contact" form where you can add more details.      


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