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Accept, Reject, or Counter an Offer in an Opportunity

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Within Opportunities, Keller Williams has created an entire offer management system. Once you enter an offer, you have the ability to edit the information, add negotiations, and ultimately accept or reject the offer. Once you have an accepted offer, the data you entered will auto-fill into the Opportunity details and Commission Requests. 

To accept, reject, or counter an offer:


1. Log into with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the Opportunities icon, on the left sidebar.

3. From the Opportunity pipeline, click on the phase, where your Opportunity is located, then click on the Opportunity card.

4. At the top of the Opportunity, click Offers & Commissions. You will then see the offers you have entered below.

5. Click the three dots, to the right of the offer you want to work with, and choose:

  • Add Negotiation - this will have you give the negotiation a name, then replace any of the information on the offer. Once you save the negotiation details, you will see a Previous Negotiations link on the offer, where you can view details of the previous versions of the offer. 
  • Edit Offer - this will take you through the offer details where you can edit any of the information.
  • Remove Offer - this will totally delete this offer without keeping a record of the details. This action can not be undone.

6. On each offer, you have the option of clicking either Accept or Reject.

  • Clicking Reject will mark the offer as rejected, but keep it on the list. You can change the response later, if the situation changes.
  • Clicking Accept will unlock the Manage Commission button, allowing you to complete and submit a Commission Request to your Market Center. You have the ability to change the response (and terminate a Commission Request), if the situation changes.

7. Whether you accept or reject an offer, you can click Change Response at any time, which will reset the offer status and allow you to make a new selection.


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